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Our Process

Our Process

Quality is The BAckbone Of Our Operation

Top Quality Powder Coating ensure an in-house test of every project undertaken. Through cross hatch testing and rub testing we are able to test the powder coating before it leaves the factory. A sample of every job is then hung on our outside northern wall to ensure durability on a per job basis. External tests with Dulux and Akzonoble makers of Interpon have a lab we send samples to for 1000 hours of salt spray testing. When we say we deliver on quality, we mean it.


1. Wipe Down & Clean

2. Metal Pre-Treatment

3. Powder Application

4. Heat & Cure

How we test


Top Quality Powder Coating undertake an extensive testing process for every job. We also work closely with our powder coat suppliers to ensure we deliver the best product to our clients in areas close to the beach and sea salt.


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